Personal Development as a Graphic Artist

Selecting Typefaces

Choosing the right typeface for any text is vital, especially if you are trying to convey a specific message. Equally important, selecting the proper typeface allows you to set the mood for your reader. Each font face has a certain tone when you are reading it silently to yourself, the look of different fonts causes them to sound different in your mind. 

Certain styles of type faces are more readable when it comes to longer passages of text, vs more decorative typefaces which look best when they are applied to titles or short lines of text. Serif typefaces are considered the better option when you are choosing what type of font to apply to long passages of text.
Whereas Sans Serif Typefaces are more readable where decorative lettering is needed. It is not recommended to combine several different types of font within one piece, however combining one type of San Serif typeface with one type of Serif typeface will complement each other, depending on the fonts chosen. 

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